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Visual Basic 2005

» Objects and the ListBox
by Larry Blake | Published 06/05/2009 |  | Rating:

In this article, I introduce some Object-Oriented Programming concepts while creating a Custom Object.  I then fill a ListBox with the Custom Objects, and demonstrate some interesting features of the ListBox.

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» Multithreading The Easy Way: The BackgroundWorker
by Ged Mead | Published 06/01/2008 |  | Rating:

  Sometimes you may need  your application to work on a slow or time- consuming task in such a way that your user isn't kept waiting unnecessarily while this is happening.

   The answer to this problem is to use multithreading.   Having seen many forum questions about multithreading, I know that many people are a bit apprehensive about tackling it.  However,  as it turns out, the BackgroundWorker component is versatile  and easy to use, providing a painless solution to this requirement. 

   In this article I will show you how you can  incorporate the BackgroundWorker into your projects to give your users a more professional and less frustrating experience.



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» OOP: Create, Collect, Sort, Save and Retrieve Objects
by Ged Mead | Published 03/18/2007 |  | Rating:

  Several recent posts in the VBCity Forums made me realise that it might be useful to have an article that dealt with some of the basic requirements when it comes to creating your own classes and objects.  

   Many beginners start by creating a simple game and this is often a good learning project so we will use this approach in this article.  Two key elements of a game application like this will probably be a way of creating Players and keeping a record of their High Scores . Users can log in to the game using their Player name and see their last score.

   As they play again in this session they might increase this score or start over from zero. They might even want to see how their score rates against other Players.    So we would need a way of creating a collection of Players and their Scores.  And as we usually want to see the Scores listed from highest to lowest, there will have to be a way to sort those Score values that are stored in the collection.

   Finally, it wouldn't be much use if the Scores were all lost each time the application ends, so we should also build in a way of saving the latest data to the hard drive and of course a means of retrieving  them when you need them.

   This article for beginners uses VB 2005 and shows you how to meet all these requirements.

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» Application Settings in VB 2005
by Ged Mead | Published 11/09/2006 |  | Rating:

   There may be times when you would like to give your users the opportunity to save various settings (and they would probably appreciate having the facility too!).   In the past, the SaveSettings and GetSettings methods were the usual avenue, but in VB 2005 you have some more flexible choices at your disposal.

  Ged Mead looks at these new tools.

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» Book Review: Programming MS VB 2005: The Language
by Ged Mead | Published 10/17/2006 |  | Rating:

   Francesco Balena has published his latest book on Visual Basic, this time turning his attention to the 2005 version of the language.

  Ged Mead reviewed this book.


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