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» Beyond Stored Procedures: Defense-in-Depth Against SQL Injection
by Bryan Sullivan | Published 07/17/2006 |  | Rating:

   Unless you are certain that you have taken the right steps to counter SQL Injection attacks, you may be more vulnerable than you think.

    This article has been written by Bryan Sullivan, who is a development manager at SPI Dynamics, a Web application security products company. 

[read article...]
» Developing a Pocket-PC application that calls a WebService
by Farhan Shah | Published 04/15/2002 |  | Rating:
This article demonstrates how to call .NET web service from Pocket PC application. The Pocket PC application will pass data using Pocket SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) to the web service (therefore IIS with .NET framework is required on the server) and return result back to the Pocket PC application. [read article...]