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» Beginning ASP.Net 3.5 in [C# / VB] 2008
by Larry Blake | Published 07/23/2009 |  | Rating:

Matthew MacDonald wrote Visual Basic and C# versions of this book, with the subtitle "From Novice to Professional".

Larry Blake reviews it.

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» Working With Dynamically Added Controls
by Gaidar Magdanurov | Published 03/21/2007 |  | Rating:
This article contains information about how to work with dynamically added controls in your web applications. One common task is to add an unknown number of controls to a web form and process data entered into those controls. This article will go through this task. [read article...]
» Session Diagram - A Better Way To Control Your Session
by Mohammad Hefny | Published 12/01/2006 |  | Rating:
This article discusses a solution for session utilization and management to avoid filling the memory by unused session data. The article introduces a diagram called "Session Diagram" and a couple of simple classes that can be used within the Session object to efficiently manage sessions. [read article...]
» How To Validate ASP.NET Pages
by Manjushree Das | Published 10/17/2006 |  | Rating:

Validation is pretty much necessary in almost all kind of applications. The simple fact is that humans are prone to make mistakes while entering data. In order to build a fully fledged application which is free from errors and not susceptable to crashes we should pay attention to input validation. Input validation is the process of making sure that the user provides the accurate type of data because “prevention is better than cure”. If an application requires certain specific data and we feed another type of data then definitely the result is an error. So care must be taken to enter data in a particular format. This can be better explained with the help of an example.

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» ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming
by David Jeavons | Published 08/02/2006 |  | Rating:

If you want to get up to speed with the majority of the new features offered by ASP.NET 2.0 then this is definitely one of the books that should be sitting on your bookshelf.

This book is aimed at those developers who already have a working knowledge of ASP.NET 1.x but does not require the developer to have knowledge of ASP.NET 2.0. The main goal of the book is to introduce the new features of ASP.NET 2.0, but unlike a standard reference book that will simply discuss each new control and all of its properties and methods the author has taken a different approach and has instead decided to introduce these new controls by building a fully functional website for a fictitious Pub. The website is called "TheBeerHouse" and incorporates such features as Newsletters, Opinion Polls, Forums and even an E-Commerce section among many other cool features. The website for this book can be viewed here.

The full title of this book is "ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming, Problem - Design - Solution" and each chapter is laid out in three parts. The first part outlines the problem that will be overcome in the chapter, the second part discusses the design that will be implemented to overcome the problem and the third part implements the code discussed in the design section. I found that this format works really well, especially if you are relatively new to website programming as the author takes you through every detail that he himself faced when designing the website.   So, rather than simply saying which design he will implement, he discusses all of the possible designs that he may have implemented and goes through the pros and cons of each one before then detailing the reasons for choosing a particular design. This actually gives you a good understanding of the different options that you have available to you for various problems and the reasons why you may choose one over the other based on the scenario you face at the time.

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» Beyond Stored Procedures: Defense-in-Depth Against SQL Injection
by Bryan Sullivan | Published 07/17/2006 |  | Rating:

   Unless you are certain that you have taken the right steps to counter SQL Injection attacks, you may be more vulnerable than you think.

    This article has been written by Bryan Sullivan, who is a development manager at SPI Dynamics, a Web application security products company. 

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» Book Review: Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition For Dummies
by Ged Mead | Published 06/05/2006 |  | Rating:

    "Visual Web Developer 2005 Expression Edition For Dummies" by Alan Simpson is a recent publication in this ever-popular, long running series of books.

   Although not the usual 600+ page  coder's book, don't be too quick to write this one off as of no use, advises DevCity reviewer Ged Mead.  It may be more useful than you think.




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» Advanced Caching Techniques in ASP.NET 2.0
by Sandeep Joshi | Published 05/05/2006 |  | Rating:

Web application development is one of the key business process areas in software industry. A web application has a long life only if the user visits the application with interest.

To keep the user interest in your web site, two factors are important. One is easy navigation and the other is fast data retrieval. The most dramatic way to improve the performance of a database driven Web application is through caching.

This article delves into the caching mechanism, available with ASP.NET 2.0. The author takes a walk through ASP.NET 1.1 caching practices as well as a comparison with ASP.NET 2.0 changes.

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» Book Review: Murach's ASP.NET 2.0 Web Programming With C#
by Scott Waletzko | Published 05/02/2006 |  | Rating:


A review of Murach's ASP.NET 2.0 Web Programming With C# tutorial and reference book, written by Scott Waletzko (Skystone Software).

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» Murach's ASP.Net Upgrader's Guide - Review
by Charles Profitt | Published 01/29/2006 |  | Rating:

I recently received my copy of Visual Studio 2005. I have been waiting for months to put the new features to the test. To assist me in that process I chose Murach's ASP.Net Upgrader's Guide. I chose Murach's book due to my success with their other books. I prefer C# so I have chosen the C# edition.

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» Using ASP.NET DataGrid Web Server Control
by Misha Zhutov | Published 11/03/2005 |  | Rating:

It would be hard to find a web developer who doesn’t need to use a DataGrid. This control is ideal for data presentation. Besides the visualization, it provides a powerful set of possibilities to edit, delete, add and update data. ASP.NET includes a well designed, powerful DataGrid Web Server Control which makes the life of web developers easier. I remember the time when we had to implement the grid's functionallity manually in classic ASP. And, although, a lot of time has passed since first ASP.NET was released and a lot of information exists on the  web, still there are a quite a bit of questions asked on forums about DataGrid features. In this article I will demonstrate some DataGrid features such as editing, updating, deleting, sorting, paging, etc. which are quite often used by many web developers.   

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» How to create dynamic doorway pages in ASP.NET
by Yousuf Baqir | Published 02/08/2005 |  | Rating:

One of the techniques performed in search engine optimization of any website is to create doorway page/pages, often called hallway or mirror page...

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» The Low Down on ASP.NET DropDownList Control
by Guest Author | Published 01/10/2003 |  | Rating:
Whenever I see a DropDownList control, my brain says "Yes! That is a ComboBox!" That's because I've been programming in Visual Basic 6.0 for too long. VB6 has something called a ComboBox. It was given that name because it could be used in different ways. That was way cool but whenever I had to write a help file or explain an application to a customer, I couldn't use the term "ComboBox" without them wrinkling their brow and frowning at me. The "combo" aspect of the control never made sense to users, only programmers. So I started calling it a drop-down list. That made more sense to the customer. No more wrinkled brows. No more frowns. (But sometimes in the middle of the night I would quietly whisper ... "ComboBox! ComboBox!"). [read article...]
» Detecting a Client's screen resolution in ASP.NET
by Serge Baranovsky | Published 12/08/2002 |  | Rating:
While there is no "native" to determine client bowser screen resolution in .NET Framework your ASP.NET application still can retrieve this information using little client-side JavaScript trick [read article...]
» Form Authentication in ASP.NET using XML
by Guest Author | Published 10/12/2002 |  | Rating:
In ASP.NET, most of the tedious work of writing authentication form has been taken out. This example shows how to create ASP.NET Authentication Form using XML file for storing user information instead of Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access database. [read article...]
» Introduction to ASP.NET and Web Forms
by Guest Author | Published 02/03/2002 |  | Rating:
Learn about Web Forms, Web controls that are built into Web Forms, build a Web Form [read article...]