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Visual Studio 2008

» OOP Basics - Property Validation and Exceptions
by Ged Mead | Published 11/07/2009 |  | Rating:
In this article, Ged Mead explains how to include validation in properties of a Class, how to throw and exception and how to use a Try-Catch block to handle the exception. [read article...]
» How to Ask the User for Input
by Larry Blake | Published 10/27/2009 |  | Rating:
Visual Basic provides three easy ways to ask for input: MessageBox, InputBox and custom forms.  I'll talk a little about all three. [read article...]
» ADO.NET 3.5, LINQ, and the Entity Framework
by Larry Blake | Published 08/14/2009 |  | Rating:

Murach's ADO.NET 3.5, LINQ, and the Entity Framework by Anne Boehm, comes in both Visual Basic and C# 2008 versions.  Larry Blake reviews it.

[read article...]
» Object Oriented Programming (OOP) - The Basics
by Ged Mead | Published 07/15/2009 |  | Rating:

This is the first article in a series that will cover the very basics of OOP.  It is based on a course I used to run.   When I first wrote this I wanted to create something that I would have found useful in my very early VB.NET days.  A really from-the-bottom explanation that assumed I knew nothing about OOP which would walk me through the basics.

   I hope I have managed to achieve this in this series.

Part 1 covers Properties and Fields

[read article...]
» How To Use The Visual State Manager(VSM) In Silverlight 2
by Ged Mead | Published 06/26/2009 |  | Rating:

This article walks you through the steps involved in using The Visual State Manager in Silverlight 2.

Most articles seem to use the button as the demonstration element - probably because that makes things very easy.  But as soon as you move away from the small core set of elements such as button that have States preset for you, you will find that you need a slightly different approach.

In this article, I will cover both situations.

[read article...]
» Customizing VS2008 default project templates
by Kevin Gallagher | Published 06/10/2009 |  | Rating:
This tutorial will guide you through the basic steps needed to alter the VB.NET Windows forms application project template in VS2008. Once you feel comfortable with this simple modification you can do the same for other project templates. [read article...]
» WinForms and WPF Interop - The Best of Both Worlds
by Ged Mead | Published 07/12/2008 |  | Rating:

  Whenever I see a question along the lines of "How can I include an image alongside each item in a list of items or use more than one font, or varying background colors?" I usually find myself muttering "WPF!".    This is a lot more sociable and positive than many of the things I mutter as I sit here each day, but finally I've realised that I need to do something about it.

  The result is this article, which works through the steps needed to harness the rich UI features of WPF to the more familiar paradigm of Windows Forms.

   The example used will show you how easy it can be to use a WPF control in a Windows Forms application and you can use this article as the stepping stone to creating your own.  The ListBox layout shown below will be created in WPF and ported over to be used in a Windows Forms application.  

WPF ListBox Control Example [read article...]
» Multithreading The Easy Way: The BackgroundWorker
by Ged Mead | Published 06/01/2008 |  | Rating:

  Sometimes you may need  your application to work on a slow or time- consuming task in such a way that your user isn't kept waiting unnecessarily while this is happening.

   The answer to this problem is to use multithreading.   Having seen many forum questions about multithreading, I know that many people are a bit apprehensive about tackling it.  However,  as it turns out, the BackgroundWorker component is versatile  and easy to use, providing a painless solution to this requirement. 

   In this article I will show you how you can  incorporate the BackgroundWorker into your projects to give your users a more professional and less frustrating experience.



[read article...]
» Windows Presentation Foundation: FlowDocuments (Part 1)
by Ged Mead | Published 04/01/2008 |  | Rating:
When WPF first came on the scene, one of the features that got a lot of air time was the display of documents.  Leading edge projects like the NY Times Reader and the British Library manuscript display raised a lot of awareness of the possibilities.  Strangely though, since VS 2008 shipped there doesn't seem to have been a lot of mention of this part of the package.  So I thought I'd take a look at how easy (or not) document handling really is in WPF. [read article...]