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Work Issues

» This is Business
by Chris Duncan | Published 02/28/2003 |  | Rating:
Projects rarely fail because we lack the requisite technical skills. The problems usually stem from an inability to get the support we need to kick out a great product. Perspective is the key to overcoming this problem. [read article...]
» Throwing Money Out The Window
by Chris Duncan | Published 12/14/2002 |  | Rating:
The amount of wasted time and effort in our industry boggles the mind. Here's how you can get a handle on it [read article...]
» Improving Your Career In Any Economy
by Chris Duncan | Published 12/04/2002 |  | Rating:
The basic principles for advancing your career have always been the same, regardless of what the economy is like [read article...]
» Creating Your Dream Project
by Chris Duncan | Published 10/10/2002 |  | Rating:
Tired of working on technologies that were popular when they landed the first man on the moon? Learn how to create your next project, with all the trimmings. [read article...]
» The Career Programmer: Guerilla Tactics for an Imperfect World. Chapter 3
by Chris Duncan | Published 08/22/2002 |  | Rating:
The Career Programmer: Guerilla Tactics for an Imperfect World book. Sample - Introduction and Chapter 3: Good Coding Skills Are Not Enough [read article...]
» Optimize Your View
by Chris Duncan | Published 08/13/2002 |  | Rating:
Delivering the next Killer App requires more than just good coding skills. In order to truly succeed, you need to look at programming from a different angle. [read article...]