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Martin de Klerk

Born in 1958 and bitten by the computer-bug in 1976, I am an autodidact to the letter.

Through the years I have:
  - accumulated programming experience ranging from writing device-drivers to developing advanced MIS programs.
  - mastered languages like Assembler, C/C++/C#, (several flavours of) Basic, Cobol, Forth, Eiffel and Clipper
  - filled nearly every job/position the IT world has to offer as employee or contractor.
  - worked with customers ranging from your local grocery-shop, farmers, hospitals, offshore companies, governemental departments to multinationals like Shell, Afga-Gevaert, ABN/AMRO and Phillips N.V.

Currently I am:
  - running my own consultancy business since 1993.
  - developing 80% of my solutions in VB.NET
  - dividing my sparse moments of free time between my family, music (especially enjoy jamming with my son : on the guitar he's the gifted one, I just manage a bit of semi-decent guitar/harmonica play) and VBCity.
  - eagerly awaiting the official release of .NET Framework 2.0

Articles by this Author
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Published 04/24/2005 | .NET Framework | Rating:

This document is not intended as a WMI tutorial, and as such does not cover WMI itself. This document is about using WMI in VB.NET and is intended as a rough and practical (but by no means complete!)  guideline to get you up and running with WMI as a VB.NET programmer.

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