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Chris Manning
I work as a professional .NET developer specializing in the areas of Windows Applications, Web Applications, and ADO.NET. I spend a good majority of my free time helping developers learn the .NET framework at vbCity and was recently awarded the Microsoft Visual Developer, Visual Basic MVP award.
Articles by this Author
» PureComponents Component Review - Entry Set Providers
Published 01/30/2006 | Product Showcase | Rating:

In my opinion, I don't think anyone can argue that Pure Components has produced some really great components and controls.  And now we can add another one to the list:- The Entry Set Component Extender Providers.

There are three of them in the set. 

The Visual Extender (tm) (My Favorite)

The Validation Extender (tm)

The Item Binding Extender (tm).

All of them are packed with feature rich design time and runtime support.

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» Adding Mnemonics (Short Cut Keys) to Your Controls
Published 03/11/2005 | Win Forms | Rating:

Part 1 of a Multi-Part Series on Control Design. This article shows you how to add Mnemonics (shortcut keys) to a Custom Control. This is question I see quite a bit. There isn’t much out there on it.Web searches don’t turn up very much, and the experts on this kind of stuff seem to hold it pretty close.My own quest to learn this was frustrating to say the least.I had to piece and part little clues together until I figured it out.

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