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Fadzai Chamba
Fadz has been coding since 1993 when he was 13 years old when he first saw a computer that worked at St. Ignatius College in Harare Zimbabwe. His first programming experience was in GWBASIC. He thought he was learning the basics of computers and before long he was the renouned 'computer expert'. He later learned to use COBOL, Pascal, C, C++, PROLOG, Visual Basic, Java and Visual C++. Because of his first experiences he chose to ply his trade in Visual Basic. He came across .NET in July/August of 2003 and has been using it since. He has worked with VB(6) since October 2000, first as a Free lance developer, then for a company back to free lance. This yo-yo experience has continued to this day when he is now a Free Lance developer and starting a business in the Multi media field. He is a vbCity Guru who goes by the alias 'fabulous' and Spends a lot of his time inside .NET and the VB.NET and C# compilers. Fadz is also a DevCity .NETFella Award winner and constantly studies to improve his skills in .NET.
Articles by this Author
» Write Great Code – Volume 2: Thinking low-level, writing high-level by Randall Hyde
Published 09/24/2006 | Book Reviews | Rating:

Every programmer concerned with application performance of the code they write needs to have a good profiler at hand. This must be used to profile your applications regularly to know what part of your code is negatively affecting performance. A paradox in programming is that often, poor performance is caused by bad application design and not bad code, but you cannot verify the application design until you have written some code. However, some good designs are hampered by bad code and a profiler can only point out the bottlenecks, it cannot change your code and/or design.

Bad code must be dealt with before a single line of code is written (so to speak).   This is achieved by acquiring some good coding habits and arming yourself with knowledge of the internal workings of a CPU, how your particular compiler works and how your high level code is optimized and translated to low-level machine code. This is where this book, and series thereof, comes in.

No Starch Press presents a great book that answers a lot of the fundamental questions of life, like "what is an array?" and "where do strings come from?"


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» eNumerous Options Using Enumerations
Published 01/09/2006 | .NET Framework | Rating:

eNumerous Options Using Enumerations



For most of us, enumerations provide a means of selecting one of many options. What some of us don't know is that they also provide a means for us to specify more than one option at a time in one variable or argument.

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