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Larry Blake
Larry has been a professional developer since the 1980s, on a broad range of platforms. An early adopter of PC technology, he started fooling around with Visual Basic 1.0 in 1992. Today he is Microsoft MVP in Visual Basic. Larry is available for contract coding in VB, C# and ASP, and for Project Management. See: .
Articles by this Author
» How to Ask the User for Input
Visual Basic provides three easy ways to ask for input: MessageBox, InputBox and custom forms.  I'll talk a little about all three. [read article...]
» ADO.NET 3.5, LINQ, and the Entity Framework
Published 08/14/2009 | Framework 3.5 Data Programming ADO.NET SQL Server XML Book Reviews Visual Studio 2008 | Rating:

Murach's ADO.NET 3.5, LINQ, and the Entity Framework by Anne Boehm, comes in both Visual Basic and C# 2008 versions.  Larry Blake reviews it.

[read article...]
» Beginning ASP.Net 3.5 in [C# / VB] 2008
Published 07/23/2009 | Framework 3.5 .NET Intermediate Book Reviews ASP.NET | Rating:

Matthew MacDonald wrote Visual Basic and C# versions of this book, with the subtitle "From Novice to Professional".

Larry Blake reviews it.

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» Objects and the ListBox
Published 06/05/2009 | Framework 3.5 .NET Newbie Visual Basic 2005 | Rating:

In this article, I introduce some Object-Oriented Programming concepts while creating a Custom Object.  I then fill a ListBox with the Custom Objects, and demonstrate some interesting features of the ListBox.

[read article...]