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Steven Sartain

Steven Sartain is a consultant currently designing and leading a VB.NET project using n-tier architecture and WebServices for Accuride International Ltd.

During his 8 year career as a developer and development lead, Steve has designed and implemented a diverse number of mission critical software solutions using VB, VBA, MS Access, C/C++, ASP, Delphi, DCOM & MTS, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Anywhere and others. See his Resume for details.

He is also a Director of Iridium Software - a UK based bespoke software development house.

Steve is always open to take over a challenging programming opportunity. If you experience a need for a professional consultant who has all the necessary skills to take a proposition from first client meeting through to profitably and elegantly completed projects; I'm sure Steve could assist. See his Resume and Professional Statement for details.

Articles by this Author
» VB.NET Class Design - Inheritance
Published 05/08/2003 | Windows Development | Rating:
Unpublished chapter from VB.NET Class Design Handbook - Inheritance [read article...]
» VB.NET Class Design - Events
Published 04/30/2003 | Windows Development | Rating:
Unpublished chapter from VB.NET Class Design Handbook - Events [read article...]
» Trapping for a timer firing
Published 03/19/2002 | .NET Framework | Rating:
How to trap for a timer firing [read article...]
» Retrieving TEMP path and file name
Published 03/05/2002 | .NET Framework | Rating:
How to retrieve TEMP path and file name [read article...]
» Restricting Form Size - windows message subclassing example
Published 02/26/2002 | .NET Framework | Rating:
Although VB.NET gives us a property to restrict the forms minimum and maximun sizes, this example aids in familiarising developers with the "new way" or peforming windows message subclassing. [read article...]
» CreateFile
Published 10/25/2001 | .NET Framework | Rating:
A replacement for the open() function in VB and the CreateFile() API [read article...]
» Creating controls that resemble the Microsoft control suite. 2 - FlatControl.
Published 10/18/2001 | Windows Development | Rating:
Whether you are new to VB or a VB Guru, most of us are new to .NET and are still finding our feet. I will start my development guide by introducing the development of a "base" control that all the flat style controls can and will be inherited from. [read article...]
» Creating controls that resemble the Microsoft control suite. 1 - Introduction.
Published 10/17/2001 | Windows Development | Rating:
One of my biggest gripes during the advancement of the Visual Basic language (and probably my only gripe in .NET) is the control set that Microsoft distributes. With each release of Windows and various other Microsoft products, the environment changes to keep our ever increasing thirst for change satisfied. The only disadvantage with this is that Microsoft obviously feels that we shouldn't be exposed to those "if only we could" controls. [read article...]
» Executing External Applications
Published 10/16/2001 | .NET Framework | Rating:
How to execute external applications [read article...]
» HiWord and LoWord operators
Published 10/15/2001 | .NET Framework | Rating:
Sometimes getting values back from API calls return HiWord and LoWord operators which are used to pack two integers into a long value. [read article...]
» Retrieve Version Information
Published 10/14/2001 | .NET Framework | Rating:
How to retrieve version information [read article...]