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Charlie Fink
Charlie Fink is the vice president of product development and delivery for WestLake Training and Development. He has been designing and developing leading software solutions for over 15 years and has also developed client training focused on use and support of custom software systems. Prior to joining WestLake, Charlie was the vice president and chief product architect for the Arlington Group, as well as a principal of AEC software. To learn more about information technology training, please visit
Articles by this Author
» Rich Internet Applications: Has Microsoft Finally Seen the (Silver) Light?
Published 01/11/2008 | .NET Framework Web Development | Rating:
In response to other frameworks for rich Internet applications, Microsoft has introduced Silverlight. Microsoft Silverlight offers both similarities and differences to other options, including Adobe Flex and AJAX-based frameworks. Learn more about the major players creating frameworks for rich Internet applications, what the benefits and disadvantages are for each, and what Microsoft has to bring to the table. [read article...]
» Service-Oriented Architecture: What Is It and How Can It Help Your Business?
Published 04/12/2007 | XML Web Development Web Services | Rating:
Service-oriented architecture is a hot topic in today's business world, and it can provide many key benefits. It is important to look at service-oriented architectures from both a real-world perspective as well as a technical perspective to gain a complete understanding of this new concept. Read more about service-oriented architecture and learn how it can add functionality to Web-based applications and save developers time over the long term. [read article...]