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Deepak Sharma

Deepak Sharma is currently working for Tata Infotech Ltd in the role of Systems Specialist and is involved in consulting and system integration projects throughout the world. Deepak is a Microsoft Certified Professional with more than 5 years of experience developing world class intranet and internet applications. He has previously worked for GE Appliances, InterActual Inc and is currently based in Columbus, OH, USA working for National City Bank. Deepak also maintains his personal website and weblog at He also has a .NET weblog

Articles by this Author
» Enumerating IP Addresses of a Local Machine Using VB.NET
Published 03/09/2003 | Windows Development | Rating:
Now and then this question is asked on various .NET newsgroups on how to list all the IP addresses machine is using. This code snippet shows how to enumerate all the IP addresses associated with machine using VB.NET [read article...]