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Manoj G

I am a software developer working on Microsoft Technologies for about a couple of years. I have always been fascinated by Microsoft Technologies and with the advent of .NET , this fascination has reached new heights. I take a lot of interest reading technical articles and equally enjoy writing them. I really like to be called a .NET junkie and will surely try to live up to this name :)

Articles by this Author
» Creating Custom Performance Counters in VB.NET
Published 03/05/2003 | Windows Development | Rating:
Windows OS and .NET runtime provide a host of performance counters that developers and administrators can use to probe into the performance of an application. But developers will always find the need to have counters specific to their applications. .NET Framework classes provide rich set of API which can help developer to create custom counters with relative ease. In this article I will explain how this can be done with VB.NET. [read article...]