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Peter Custance

I am currently a software programmer for a large Data Card Manufacturer in the UK. Contact me at or

I have nine years experience in software programming, using C and Visual Basic on Windows and Linux. I have been using VB.NET since beta 2 and I have built 2 websites using ASP 3 and ASP.NET. Visit or my homepage at I am now using the Visual Studio.Net 1.0 release daily and believe it to be the best development IDE available.

Articles by this Author
» Controlling a Windows Service from the System Tray
Published 02/26/2003 | Windows Development | Rating:
VB.NET contains built in classes which make creating a windows service a breeze, but what if you want an application to control a service which is easy for anyone to use. This article will show you how to create an application that runs in the system tray. We will not be discussing the creation of a service. Instead we will use this application to control IIS. [read article...]
» Producing dynamic images using GDI+ and XML in VB.NET
Published 02/04/2003 | XML Windows Development | Rating:
The .NET Framework includes a much improved library of graphic functions developers can utilise to display dynamic images in their applications. This article looks at how you can use an XML file to produce an image that you can change at runtime based on a selection from a Listbox control. [read article...]