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Paul Nichols

Based in the UK I've been an IT contractor for over 5 years specialising in VB.NET and C# both on both Windows and Web based projects. Please feel free to contact me at or see my online CV at

Articles by this Author
» XML Documentation and IntelliSence for Class Libraries in VB.NET
Published 02/21/2003 | .NET Framework XML | Rating:
When I first looked at C#, a nice feature I felt was the XML comments you can use to describe your code. You can then take these comments to build HTML documentation of your code. Strangely this isn't a feature of VB.NET? This tip reviews some of the tools that enable the feature in VB.NET [read article...]
» CodeDOM: How to achieve code generation in .NET - Part 1
Published 01/29/2003 | Windows Development | Rating:
One of the great new features within .NET are the little known CodeDOM classes. Although, not something that you're going to use in your day-to-day winforms development, the CodeDOM is something that I wanted to bring to peoples attention. It is certainly a very useful skill when it comes to developing addins or other software that requires language independant code generartion or on the fly assemblies compilation. [read article...]