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Gaidar Magdanurov
Gaidar Magdanurov is the editor-in-chief of VBStreets ( - Russian web site dedicated to Microsoft Visual Basic. He is also a Microsoft MVP and member of Russian Speakers Bureau, the founder and the leader of VBStreets .NET User Group, active member of Russian GotDotNet community and author of dozen of articles and. Gaidar has wide expirience in Web and Windows development and likes to share his knowledge.
Articles by this Author
» Working With Dynamically Added Controls
Published 03/21/2007 | ASP.NET | Rating:
This article contains information about how to work with dynamically added controls in your web applications. One common task is to add an unknown number of controls to a web form and process data entered into those controls. This article will go through this task. [read article...]
» Practical XML Usage
Published 08/20/2006 | .NET Newbie XML | Rating:

Practical XML Usage

This article is a small step-by-step guide for .NET/XML beginners. The sample application was written in Visual Basic .NET, but main aspects in the code are shown also in C#. This article can be considered as a reference of XML, schemas or XML transformation. The code was written in Visual Studio 2005 for .NET Framework 2.0.

[read article...]
» Sharing libraries without placing them to the GAC
Published 07/30/2006 | .NET Framework | Rating:
Sometimes you may want to share a class library between several applications but you don't want or are unable to place the assembly you want to share in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). There is an easy way to achieve this. [read article...]