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Michael Stahle

I am currently a computer and financial consultant for Brandaris who consults for United States Air Force. We provide a wide range of On-Line tools, intranet support and development, along with a gambit of financial analysis. I am a senior at Utah University, in the Business Information Systems program. If you need to contact me, or are in need of any service that Brandaris provides, please email me at or

I have three years of database design and administration, along with 4 years of Visual Basic Programming.

Articles by this Author
» A Practical Guide to VB.NET for Beginners
Published 01/20/2003 | .NET Newbie | Rating:
When I first started working with VB.NET, the true Object Oriented Programming (OOP) threw me for a loop. This guide will explain to you what OOP is, and how to build your first program. [read article...]