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Chris Scott

Chris Scott is the founder of Host Orlando ( a Web hosting and development company in Orlando, FL specializing in Microsoft technologies. Whether he was providing technical support for end users, managing networks, or working as a consultant, Chris has always been writing code and scripts to get his job done.

A self-taught programmer, Chris started getting serious about coding three years ago and learned ASP, T-SQL, and JavaScript to supplement his experience with Visual Basic, databases, and shell scripting. He is now focusing on writing Web applications in ASP.NET and is currently working on finishing a transition of his company's customer management system from classic ASP to ASP.NET.

Articles by this Author
» Searching an XML Document Using a DataSet and DataView
Published 10/23/2002 | XML Web Development | Rating:
Sometimes you need the basic features of a database but don't want the hassle, and possibly cost, of creating one for a small application. With the .NET DataSet object and a simple XML document we can emulate the basic features of a database. [read article...]