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This author account is for guest publications only, and does not reflect the bio for any particular author.
Articles by this Author
» VS2005 - Setting Windows Desktop Wallpaper
Published 06/15/2004 | .NET Framework Visual Studio 2005 Windows Development | Rating:
VS2005 code for setting Windows desktop wallpaper [read article...]
» WebGrid .NET Enterprise
Published 10/15/2003 | Software Reviews | Rating:
Grids are very essential for every web application. They enable you to display data in a consistent way. This review focuses on one such useful and powerful component - WebGrid .NET Enterprise Edition... [read article...]
» The Low Down on ASP.NET DropDownList Control
Published 01/10/2003 | Web Development ASP.NET | Rating:
Whenever I see a DropDownList control, my brain says "Yes! That is a ComboBox!" That's because I've been programming in Visual Basic 6.0 for too long. VB6 has something called a ComboBox. It was given that name because it could be used in different ways. That was way cool but whenever I had to write a help file or explain an application to a customer, I couldn't use the term "ComboBox" without them wrinkling their brow and frowning at me. The "combo" aspect of the control never made sense to users, only programmers. So I started calling it a drop-down list. That made more sense to the customer. No more wrinkled brows. No more frowns. (But sometimes in the middle of the night I would quietly whisper ... "ComboBox! ComboBox!"). [read article...]
» Type Safe Collection implementation in VB.NET
Published 12/15/2002 | .NET Framework | Rating:
This is my base for Type Safe Collections. It uses the CollectionBase but then adds the use of object keys internally, a CountChange event, and an easy system to make sure a DataGrid bound to it updates itself on changes. [read article...]
» Form Authentication in ASP.NET using XML
Published 10/12/2002 | XML Web Development ASP.NET | Rating:
In ASP.NET, most of the tedious work of writing authentication form has been taken out. This example shows how to create ASP.NET Authentication Form using XML file for storing user information instead of Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access database. [read article...]
» Introduction to ASP.NET and Web Forms
Published 02/03/2002 | ASP.NET | Rating:
Learn about Web Forms, Web controls that are built into Web Forms, build a Web Form [read article...]
» Preparing Your Visual Basic 6.0 Applications for the Upgrade to Visual Basic.NET
Published 02/02/2002 | Upgrading | Rating:
Provides recommendations for developers using Microsoft™ Visual Basic© who are planning to upgrade their applications to Microsoft Visual Basic.NET [read article...]
» Upgrading Your Visual Basic 6.0 Applications to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (Whitepaper)
Published 11/12/2001 | Upgrading | Rating:
Provides an overview of the major topics encountered in the upgrade process, and links to the white papers within that topic that will assist you. [read article...]