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Andreas Papathanasis

Andreas Papathanasis is a starting-up, 23-year old developer who has been into Microsoft's .NET technology since late 2001. He concentrates on ASP.NET Web Forms and Windows Forms applications using primarily C#.

Andreas works for a software company in Athens, Greece. In his spare time, he likes to drive, head off to quiet places with close friends and annoy his neighbors, while occasionally someone has to remind him that he still has work to do to earn his Physics degree. Andreas can be reached at

Articles by this Author
» Creating a simple game using GDI+ in C#
Published 08/18/2002 | Windows Development | Rating:
GDI+ is the way to display 2D graphics in the .NET framework. Learn the essentials with a fun walkthrough, where you will get to create a simple tetris-like game. [read article...]