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Phil Eakins
Having followed a successful career in the legal profession for over 20 years, Phil saw the light when he bought his first home computer (an Oric) in 1982. Since then he has attained a Batchelors Degree in Computing and Maths from The Open University (and met his Wife at the same time)as well as attaining a CNE qualification. Phil has worked extensively in the fields of Network Engineering and in the teaching and training of IT subects to adults.
Articles by this Author
» CodeSMART G2 for Visual Studio: A product Review
Published 05/06/2006 | Software Reviews | Rating:

Always being interested in products which promise to take some of the the drudgery out of software production, Phil Eakins investigated the features of Axtool's CodeSMART version G2 for Visual Studio, which promised nine sets of tools and commands to make life easier.


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» Copying vs. Cloning
Published 02/09/2006 | .NET Framework | Rating:

As a newcomer to the wonderful world of .NET (although not to programming) last year I started, as most of us do, by taking a course. It was whilst working on one of the exercises that I ran across a ‘feature’ of the .NET Framework which has caused me no end of fun and enjoyment!

  I had filled an array of Char, Array1()with data and I wanted to sort it.  However, I also wanted to keep a copy of the unsorted data to revert to.  This apparently simple requirement led me deep into the field of shallow copies, deep copies, copying and cloning.

   This article reflects the result of my research and I hope it will be of help to you if you have a similar requirement at some time in the future.

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