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Misha Zhutov

Misha Zhutov works as a Software Architect for SubMain(), a division of, LLC.

During more than 7 years of his programmer career Misha has developed various applications including desktop, client-server and Internet development. He has been working with Microsoft technologies since 1997 and has been developing with Microsoft .NET since the Beta 2 release in 2001.

Misha has a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Radio-Electronic Engineering from Kharkov Aviation University.

His primary areas of expertise are VB.NET, C#, ASP and Visual Basic.

Articles by this Author
» Using ASP.NET DataGrid Web Server Control
Published 11/03/2005 | Web Development ASP.NET | Rating:

It would be hard to find a web developer who doesn’t need to use a DataGrid. This control is ideal for data presentation. Besides the visualization, it provides a powerful set of possibilities to edit, delete, add and update data. ASP.NET includes a well designed, powerful DataGrid Web Server Control which makes the life of web developers easier. I remember the time when we had to implement the grid's functionallity manually in classic ASP. And, although, a lot of time has passed since first ASP.NET was released and a lot of information exists on the  web, still there are a quite a bit of questions asked on forums about DataGrid features. In this article I will demonstrate some DataGrid features such as editing, updating, deleting, sorting, paging, etc. which are quite often used by many web developers.   

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