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Jeff Laughlin

Jeff Laughlin is founder of Coding Canada, a software development and web hosting company in Toronto, Canada. He has over 5 years of experience in the software industry having worked with a wide variety of computing technologies building both traditional windows applications and also advanced commerce and non-commerce websites.

Jeff has used Microsoft's .NET technologies since the first Beta release switching between C# and VB.NET to ensure that he remains current in both languages. Jeff has successfully launched a number of .NET applications including an internal newsletter processing application, a WebService enhanced application for a law firm, and numerous ASP.NET websites (both commerce and non-commerce).

Most recently, Jeff has focussed on Microsoft technologies including C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP, Visual Basic 6, SQL Server, and WebService development.

Articles by this Author
» WebServices and passing a user-defined Object
Published 06/12/2002 | Web Services | Rating:
This article will demonstrate how to pass a user-created object from a server to a client. The server will pass the object through a Web Service (therefore IIS will be required on the server). You will be able to view the serialized object through any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera, or Netscape Navigator. [read article...]
» WebServices and passing an ADO.NET DataSet
Published 03/31/2002 | ADO.NET Web Services | Rating:
An overview of Datasets and WebServices using .NET. The article shows how to use webservices to connect a client application and a server together. It demonstrates sending datasets from the web server to the client application and also shows how to send updates from the client to the server. [read article...]