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Matt Frame

Matt Frame is a Team Technical Architect - AVP with Wells Fargo Advisors. He concentrates his efforts on large scale web applications that are multi-tier and multi-technology. Matt continuously looks at emerging technologies to provide customers with the best solutions for their business needs.

When Matt finds spare time he spends it with his wife and their triplets.

He occasionally finds some personal time to enjoy his hobby of aviation. Matt holds a Private Pilot license and has been flying for more than 18 years. He has flown many different types of aircraft including helicopters.

Articles by this Author
» Create Web Services and Web Forms Programmatically with the .NET Framework SDK. Part 2
Published 03/19/2002 | Web Services | Rating:
In Part 1 of the article we have shown how you can develop a Web Service programmatically. This part covers the Web Form [read article...]
» Create Web Services and Web Forms Programmatically with the .NET Framework SDK. Part 1
Published 03/14/2002 | Web Services | Rating:
The first thing that happens when a new development tool is released is the flood of samples that promote the ease of use and rapid deployment of applications using wizards. These are fine to get adjusted to the tool but don't really satisfy the developers needs of knowing what is going on and how it works. This has definitely been the case with Visual Studio .NET. This article demonstrates how to programmatically create a web service and a web form from scratch and without Visual Studio.NET. [read article...]