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Visual Basic.NET or C# ... Which to Choose?
by Serge Baranovsky | Published  11/10/2001 | Book Reviews | Rating:
Serge Baranovsky

Serge Baranovsky worked as a Director of Software Development for LYNX Medical Systems (, based in Seattle, WA. He has previously worked as a consultant specializing in client-server and n-tier applications.

In his 12 year strong career as a professional developer, Serge has interacted with hundreds of developers and has developed various applications - from developer tools to mission critical banking and emergency medicine systems. He has a Masters degree in Rocket Science from Kharkov Aviation University. Originally from the Ukraine, Serge moved to the United States in January 1999.

Serge has been working with Visual Basic since the version 3.0 was introduced, and is a firm supporter of Microsoft's technology since then. Besides DevCity.NET, Serge also owns and maintains, a Visual Basic developer community website that provides help to the developers; and distributes developer tools for use with VB and .NET, including the widely popular PrettyCode.Print and CodeIt.Once.


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Visual Basic.NET or C# ... Which to Choose? (book review)
Visual Basic.NET or C# ... Which to Choose?

Most of today's Visual Basic and C++ developers are currently facing the decision of which language to choose when migrating to Microsoft's new .NET platform. On one hand you have Visual Basic.NET, a successor to Visual Basic that has been redesigned from the ground up to work seamlessly with .NET, even at the price of no longer being compatible with VB6. On the other hand you have C#, a brand new language that everyone knows is intended to compete with Java, even though nobody at Microsoft would ever say so. Which of these two languages should you choose for your .NET development? The answers will surprise you.

In the new eBook Visual Basic.NET or C# ... Which to Choose? by best-selling author Dan Appleman, you will find an in-depth comparison of the two languages. In a feature-by-feature, head-to-head contest, Appleman pulls no punches in calling the winner in each case.

But a technical comparison is only the beginning. With a keen eye for the business issues involved in language choice, the author focuses on the economic issues involved in this decision, considering the cost of retraining and long-term support, as well as that of initial development.

In the final part of this eBook, Appleman offers solid strategies for four different groups of readers: current Visual Basic 6 programmers, current C++ or Java programmers, managers of Visual Basic development teams, and managers of C++/Java development teams. By considering not only the technical and economic issues, but also the social and psychological issues, the author provides the kind of practical real-world information that is almost impossible to find in an industry dominated by conflicting interests and marketing hype.

I would define this eBook is an essential resource for developers and managers alike who are considering Microsoft's .NET platform.

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