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SubMain CodeIt.Right 1.0
by Mike McIntyre | Published  03/10/2008 | Reviews | Rating:
Mike McIntyre

I am a system architect, developer, and project manager for aZ Software Developers, LLP.

I feel very lucky because my work at aZ Software Developers allows me the time to be an active mentor, trainer, and coach in the Microsoft .NET technical community.

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Quick Facts
CodeIt.Right 1.0

Phone: 1 (800) 936-2134
Price: $250 Single User

Quick Facts: This tool for .NET developers finds AND fixes C# and Visual Basic code issues based on configurable rules.

CodeIt.Right is a code analysis tool with a welcome twist - it can automatically fix the code issues it finds.

You can use CodeIt.Right in the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE to find AND automatically fix code issues in C# and Visual Basic code. Perform static code analysis with configurable rule sets to find code issues. Automatically fix code issues all at once, in groups, or one-at-a-time.


Quick Start

To see the patent pending 'find and automatically fix' feature of CodeIt.Right in action view the presentation at: Quick 1 Minute CodeIt.Right Walkthrough

Quick Introduction to CodeIt.Right Features

For a quick introduction to CodeIt.Right features view the short presentation at: Introduction to CodeIt.Right Features.

About This Review

For this review I tested CodeIt.Right's main features with the C# and Visual Basic.NET languages, in Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2003. Note: CodeIt.Right can be used from the command line for continuous integration but I did not test this feature for the review.

Feature: Integration with Visual Studio

CodeIt.Right integrates into Visual Studio as a new main menu tab.

Feature: Built-In Rule Set

Included with the software is a comprehensive set of rules you can use immediately to find and fix issues in your code. This set of rules is based on Microsoft .NET Guidelines, Framework Design Guidelines and best practices.

Feature: Code Analysis

To test this feature I performed code analysis on ten of my VS2003 and VS2005 solutions. For each I opened the solution and selected CodeIt.Right menu's 'Start Analysis' menu item. In all cases the analysis completed in seconds.

After an analysis completes a Visual Studio Tab - the CodeIt.Right Violation tab -  containing the analysis results opened in Visual Studio.

Feature: Review Code Violations

Review Violations

The 'Violations' tab provides features for sorting, grouping, and filtering violations.

'Violations' tab columns are configurable.  Right-click a column and select 'Configure Columns...' to add and remove columns from the violations listing.

The 'Violations' tab can show detailed information about each violation and suggested fixes. See the 'Show Description' checkbox in the previous screen shot. Below is is a screen shot of additional information being displayed for a 'Member identifiers should be cased correctly' violation.

Review Source Code

Double-clicking a violation in the CodeIt.Right 'Violations' tab causes Visual Studio to open the source code that cause the violation in in the Visual Studio source code editor.

This feature was useful to me for reviewing the code behind a violation and for manually correcting violations.

Feature: Correct Code Violations

To test this feature I clicked the 'Correct Checked' button in the CodeIt.Right 'Violations' tab.

The 'Correcting Violations' window opened. It reported progress as each violation was corrected.

Using the built-in rule set to find and fix code issues was easy and worked as expected.

I also tested fixing violations one at a time. A 'Correct' button is provided on each violation for this purpose.

Feature: Review Corrections Made to Source Code

After being corrected violations are grayed out and lined out as shown below.

Double clicking a corrected violation opens the source code editor which displays the source code that was modified to fix the violation. A green marker on the left side of the source code marks code that was changed and a green box surrounds the changed code.


Feature: Rule Configuration

You can create custom rule sets starting with a clone of the rule set that ships with CodeIt.Right or from scratch. Create as many rule sets as you need e.g. for a team, for a client, for software reviews, for Windows Forms applications, for Web Forms applications, or to enforce coding standards.

The rules in a custom rule set can be configured via CodeIt.Right's Profile Editor dialog window.

For the review I created a rule set, the aZ Software Rule set. I based the rule set off the built in Microsoft Guidelines rule set. Using the CodeIt.Right Profile Editor, I added, deleted, and modified rules.

The Profile Editor is easy and intuitive to use and in my testing performed without any problems.

Feature: Custom Rules

You can extend the built-in rule set with your own custom rules. With some help from SubMain I was able to create a rule and get it to load into CodeIt.Right.  SubMain is working to expand technical documentation for its CodeIt.Right SDK to make it easier for developers to create custom rules.

Feature: Refactoring to Patterns

To test this feature I used CodeIt.Right to refactor some code to the ISerializable pattern based on the presentation at:

ISerializable Pattern Example

This is one of CodeIt.Right's most powerful features. When it fixed a violation of the ISerializable pattern in my code, CodeIt.Right corrected my code and statements plus added statements and methods to refactor my code to the pattern.

Feature: Reporting

CodeIt.Right provides a full set of reporting capabilities with options like 'By Project', 'By Category', by 'Project Severity by Project', and more. Reports can be view on screen, printed, and exported to Microsoft Excel format. Shown below is one of the reports I tested, a report that shows 'Project Severity By Category.

Feature: Rule Library Automated Updates

When SubMain and third-parties create new rules to share with the user base the rules are published to an update service. Installing CodeIt.Right integrates the update service into Visual Studio. With the service I receive alerts about new rules, read about each new rule, and choose which rules I want to download.


I feel CodeIt.Right's features for configurable static code analysis and its ability to automatically correct my code make it well worth the purchase price. It has become and indispensable addition to my developer toolkit.

I highly recommend you give it a try.

To learn what CodeIt.Right can do for you try a free trial version of the software. Download it here - CodeIt.Right Trial Download

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