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Exception Hunter 1.0
by Mike McIntyre | Published  01/03/2008 | Software Reviews | Rating:
Mike McIntyre

I am a system architect, developer, and project manager for aZ Software Developers, LLP.

I feel very lucky because my work at aZ Software Developers allows me the time to be an active mentor, trainer, and coach in the Microsoft .NET technical community.

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Exception Hunter 1.0
Quick Facts
Exception Hunter
Red Gate Software
Phone: 1.866.RED.GATE
Price: $295 Single User
Quick Facts: Helps .NET developers find the unhandled exceptions thrown by an application.

To help developers write high-quality .NET code Red-Gate Software has released Exception Hunter.

Exception Hunter is a compile-time tool that analyzes .NET code and identifies what unhandled exceptions the code can throw.

Preventing application exceptions that can be prevented and handling application exceptions that can not be prevented – are important aspects of a writing high-quality .NET code.

To deal with unhandled exceptions, a developer must first determine what code can throw exceptions and what exceptions the code can throw.

This is where Exception Hunter can help. Exception Hunter analyses an application’s assemblies and the assemblies on which they depend and provides an easy-to-use 'drill down' interface for viewing the unhandled exceptions it finds in the code.

Via the interface you can pick the methods to be analyzed, view the exceptions they can throw, and drill down through stack traces to find their exact origin. Once you’ve found a line of code you’re interested in you can open up your source at that exact line in Visual Studio for editing.

Being informed by Exception Hunter as to what exception(s) a line of code can throw you can choose from options such as:

  1. 1. Decide to do nothing because you are 100% confident that the values provided to a method will always be valid and therefore will never cause the exception to be thrown.
  2. 2. Add code to prevent an exception from being thrown e.g. if a divisor has a value of zero, include code that prevents its to use in an equation.
  3. 3. Add code to handle the exception per Microsoft’s Design Guidelines for Exceptions.

Getting Started with Exception Hunter

It took less than 30 minutes for me to put Exception Hunter to work on my code.

The steps I took were:

1. Reviewed the Exception Hunter datasheet at:

2. Ran the on-line walkthrough at:

3. Viewed the on-line demo at:

4. Downloaded, installed, and launched Exception Hunter.

5. Added my application’s assembly using an open file dialog to select the application’s DLL - which in turn loaded the .NET assemblies my application code was dependent on.

6. Drilled down into my application methods to view unhandled exceptions.

Exception Hunter Features

Clear and Clean User Interface

'Drill down' navigation capability for navigating from assembly down to method level. Once you have loaded the assemblies you want to analyze, Exception Hunter allows you to drill down from the assembly, through the different namespaces and types, until you reach the method level.

Find Box

If you already know the name of your method, you can use the Find box to go straight to your method, by typing part of its name.

Stack Trace

When you have selected a method, Exception Hunter lists the different classes of unhandled exceptions that have been found, and displays a stack trace for each. You can drill down through the stack trace to find out which line of code first throws the exception.

Direct access to Visual Studio

From here, you can double-click on the blue line, which will take you directly to your code in Visual Studio, so that you can start editing straight away.


Exception Hunter works as described on Red-Gate Software's web site.  It is very easy to learn and use, and it accurately finds unhandled exceptions in code.

To learn what Exception Hunter can do for you try a free 14 day trial of the software. Download it at: Exception Hunter Trial Download



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