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Windows Developer Power Tools
by David Jeavons | Published  08/13/2007 | Book Reviews | Rating:
David Jeavons
I have been programming database applications for almost 12 years starting out with VB3 and using every major version since then. I currently work for a retailer analysis company writing ASP.NET code for our ever evolving web site. I also enjoy helping other programmers with Visual Basic and .NET and am a moderator at vbCity. 

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Looking for the right tool for the job at hand is often an arduous process usually involving the comparison of similar tools and cost. It would be nice to have a reference to some of the most widely used tools available and an understanding of what makes the tool beneficial to you.

This is where the "Windows Developer Power Tools" book can help enormously. Created by James Avery and Jim Holmes (both Microsoft MVPs with a wealth of experience), the book introduces you to over 170 tools that are either free to use or published under various open source licenses.

Although the title of the book may suggest that it concentrates on Windows Development, don't be fooled, it contains many tools and components for ASP.NET developers plus tools that will help you document, debug and profile your applications.

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