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Trapping for a timer firing
by Steven Sartain | Published  03/19/2002 | .NET Framework | Rating:
Steven Sartain

Steven Sartain is a consultant currently designing and leading a VB.NET project using n-tier architecture and WebServices for Accuride International Ltd.

During his 8 year career as a developer and development lead, Steve has designed and implemented a diverse number of mission critical software solutions using VB, VBA, MS Access, C/C++, ASP, Delphi, DCOM & MTS, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Anywhere and others. See his Resume for details.

He is also a Director of Iridium Software - a UK based bespoke software development house.

Steve is always open to take over a challenging programming opportunity. If you experience a need for a professional consultant who has all the necessary skills to take a proposition from first client meeting through to profitably and elegantly completed projects; I'm sure Steve could assist. See his Resume and Professional Statement for details.


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Trapping for a timer firing

How to trap for a timer firing

Start a new project then add a module. Add the following code to the module:

'Author: Steven Sartain
'Last Revision: 28th August 2001
'Revision Notes: None
'Supported environments:
'                    Yes        No        Untested
'    VB4                          X
'    VB5                          X
'    VB6                          X
'    VB.NET(beta2)     X

Imports System.Threading
Namespace vbCity
    Public Module modFunctions
        Private udtTimer as Timer
        Public Sub StartTimer(pintNumberOfSecondsToFire As Int32)
            'convert the param to mili
            Dim pintMili As Int32 = pintNumberOfSecondsToFire * _
            udtTimer = New Timer(New TimerCallback_
                AddressOf TimerFire), NothingpintMilipintMili)
           End Sub
           Private Sub TimerFire(udtObject As Object)
               Console.WriteLine("Timer Fired....")
               'reset the timer
               udtTimer = Nothing
           End Sub
    End Module
End Namespace
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