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Book Review: Murach's Visual Basic 2005
by Ged Mead | Published  10/12/2006 | .NET Newbie Book Reviews | Rating:


  The list below will give you a general overview of what topics are covered in the book:

 Section 1:  Introduction to Visual Basic Programming
Chapter 1
 An introduction to Visual Studio

Chapter 2
 How to design a Windows Forms application

Chapter 3
 How to code and test a Windows Forms application

Section 2:The Visual Basic language essentials  
Chapter 4
 How to work with numeric and string data

Chapter 5
 How to code control structures

Chapter 6
 How to code procedures and event handlers

Chapter 7
 How to handle exceptions and validate data

Chapter 8
 How to work with arrays and collections

Chapter 9
 How to work with dates and strings

Chapter 10
 More skills for working with Windows forms and controls

Chapter 11
 How to create and use classes

Chapter 12
 How to debug an application

Section 3 Database programming  
Chapter 13
 An introduction to database programming

Chapter 14
 How to use data sources with databases (part 1)

Chapter 15
 How to use data sources with databases (part 2)

Chapter 16
 How to use ADO.NET to write your own data access code

Chapter 17
 How to use data sources with business objects

Section 4 Object-oriented programming  
Chapter 18
 How to work with default properties, events, and operators

Chapter 19
 How to work with inheritance

Chapter 20
 How to work with interfaces and generics

Chapter 21
 How to organize and document your classes

Section 5 Files, XML, user interfaces, and deployment  
Chapter 22
 How to work with files and data streams

Chapter 23
 How to work with XML files

Chapter 24
 How to enhance the user interface

Chapter 25
 How to deploy an application

Appendix A
 How to install and use the software and files for this book



   However, if you want more detail then you can navigate to the Table of Contents Page on their web site to see the full list:

  and as you can see from the screenshot above there is a link to every single chapter.  So if you want to see the coverage of, for instance, "How to work with arrays and collections" chapter then you just need to follow that link for more information:

 Sample Chapters

    And if you need more detail still and want to see if the Murach style is for you then you can download and view two of the chapters.  The link to do that is here.



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