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ASP.NET 2.0 Instant Results
by David Jeavons | Published  10/03/2006 | Book Reviews | Rating:
David Jeavons
I have been programming database applications for almost 12 years starting out with VB3 and using every major version since then. I currently work for a retailer analysis company writing ASP.NET code for our ever evolving web site. I also enjoy helping other programmers with Visual Basic and .NET and am a moderator at vbCity. 

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The different types of projects and the introduction of new features and controls of ASP.NET 2.0 make this a book worthwhile for those new to ASP.NET 2.0 or even to those that are new to web development. The title sums it up pretty well in that you really do get instant results.

I strongly advise that you install each project before you start reading the content of the projects chapter as it will undoubtedly speed your learning curve being able to follow the book and see the code working right in front of your eyes. Some of the projects are good enough as standalone applications (such as the Bug Base project) that you may decide to use them yourself, while other projects provide a good foundation for you to build on.

One slightly annoying thing that I did find is that those projects requiring a login were not responsive to the credentials mentioned in the book. This is easily fixed however by opening the ASP.NET configuration tool for the project and creating a new administrative user with your own credentials. Other than that, I couldn’t find much to fault this book.

You can check out the writing style for yourself by following the link here which will take you to a pdf version of the chapter that covers the Online Diary and Organiser. 

I really like the layout of the book as each chapter follows the same path. You look at the project in it’s entirety before then moving onto the design. Finally, you get a walkthrough of the code used and how to setup the project on your development machine.

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