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Practical XML Usage
by Gaidar Magdanurov | Published  08/20/2006 | .NET Newbie XML | Rating:
Gaidar Magdanurov
Gaidar Magdanurov is the editor-in-chief of VBStreets ( - Russian web site dedicated to Microsoft Visual Basic. He is also a Microsoft MVP and member of Russian Speakers Bureau, the founder and the leader of VBStreets .NET User Group, active member of Russian GotDotNet community and author of dozen of articles and. Gaidar has wide expirience in Web and Windows development and likes to share his knowledge. 

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At the end we get something like shown in the figure below.

This is just a very simple application built to be an example of what we were talking about above. In the archive attached to the article you will find the full source code of the sample application in the SimpleXSLT folder and XML files, schemas and XSLT files in the the Input folder. I hope you got the idea and will go through the documentation for the  classes and methodsI ahve mentioned. Using the techniques shown you can work with XML with enjoyment. Good luck!

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