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ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming
by David Jeavons | Published  08/02/2006 | Book Reviews ASP.NET | Rating:
David Jeavons
I have been programming database applications for almost 12 years starting out with VB3 and using every major version since then. I currently work for a retailer analysis company writing ASP.NET code for our ever evolving web site. I also enjoy helping other programmers with Visual Basic and .NET and am a moderator at vbCity. 

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The format of the book is well laid out and I especially like the Problem, Design and Solution pattern that has been implemented throughout the book. I also appreciate the views that the author has expressed throughout the book when detailing different design options as it gives you a much better understanding of what is available to you and when you should use one technique over another based on the particular scenario that you are faced with at the time.

For anybody looking to learn how to build web sites with ASP.NET 2.0, they will definitely find this book useful. The idea of introducing all of the new functionality of ASP.NET 2.0 while building a feature rich web site works really well and gives you an immediate understanding of the concepts introduced.

I personally didn't find anything that I didn't like about the book, but (there's always a but) some programmers may be put off by the fact that the book includes only C# code. I hope however, that those with no experience of C# still pick up this book as not only will you receive a greater understanding of web site development, you will also learn some C# code as well. I have only dabbled in C# but feel that I now understand the syntax a lot better after having tried out the various code samples throughout the book. It rather feels that I got two things for the price of one :)

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