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Product Review: ComponentOne's DocToHelp
by Scott Waletzko | Published  07/14/2006 | .NET Framework Software Reviews Visual Studio 2005 | Rating:
Scott Waletzko

Scott Waletzko has been an Information Technology professional and Windows / Web programmer since 1995, with experience in software development and architecture, network design and administration, and project and team management. Currently he is the the Senior Vice President of Technology at Intellisponse, as well as the President of Skystone Software / Echosoft Design Studios, LLC.

At Intellisponse, Scott is responsible for architecture and implementation of the company flagship software called Synapse, the first full-featured Web survey authoring tool for market research, enabling researchers to design, publish, and manage full-featured and logically complex questionnaires to the Internet without programmer interaction.

As president of Skystone Software / Echosoft Design Studios, LLC, Scott is developing a unique Web site content management system named Tempest, which will drive and provide comprehensive Web site hosting and content management to anyone with a Web browser.


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DocToHelp Overview

ComponentOne's DocToHelp help file authoring software enables developers to author help files and documentation for their projects in a variety of standard help file formats. Users can choose to start a new documentation project from scratch, import Xml documentation files (as generated by Visual Studio), or convert from a variety of other help file authoring formats to form the basis for the documentation. Once a project is created, topics can be added, edited, and removed through the main user interface.

Project Converters
DocToHelp provides the ability to convert a variety of existing help documentation source file types, including the following:

  • RoboHelp(R) HTML
  • RoboHelp(R) Word
  • HTML Help
  • WinHelp
  • Doc-To-Help 2000

Output Types
A wide variety of output documents are supported, including:

  • Microsoft Help 2.0 (Similar to that used by the MSDN collection)
  • HTML Help (The standard desktop online help format, replacing WinHelp)
  • JavaHelp  (Sun Microsystem's help format)
  • Printed Manual
  • NetHelp (HTML-based documentation for browser viewing)
  • WinHelp (Microsoft's pre-HTML help format)
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