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CodeSMART G2 for Visual Studio: A product Review
by Phil Eakins | Published  05/06/2006 | Software Reviews | Rating:
Phil Eakins
Having followed a successful career in the legal profession for over 20 years, Phil saw the light when he bought his first home computer (an Oric) in 1982. Since then he has attained a Batchelors Degree in Computing and Maths from The Open University (and met his Wife at the same time)as well as attaining a CNE qualification. Phil has worked extensively in the fields of Network Engineering and in the teaching and training of IT subects to adults.  

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Product Features Summary
Here are the main features of CodeSMART as presented by AxTools:

1. Integration

* General Integration Notes

2. Explorer Tools

* The Code Explorer
* The Code Flow Explorer
* The Designer Explorer

3. Locate Code Easier than Ever

* Extended Find and Replace
* Find References

4. Check and Refine Your Code

* Spelling Checker
* Strings Review
* Code Commenting Conformity Checker

5. Write Code with Exceptional Efficiency

* AutoText
* SmartComplete
* AutoBrackets
* The Extended Clipboard

6. Code Building and Generating Tools

* Simple Code Builders
* Advanced Code Builders
* Generate Exception Handling Code

7. Code Formatting and Documenting Tools

* Code Formatter
* Sort Procedures
* XML Comments
* XML Analyzer
* XML Preview
* Standard Comments

8. Designer Helper Tools

* Designer Assistant
* Tab Order Designer
* Hotkey Designer
* Change Name and Text Properties
* Property Tips
* Bulk Controls Renamer

9. Other Tools

* AutoSave and AutoBackup
* Code Statistics
* Show File Differences
* Team-Enabled Code Snippets Manager
* Iterative Code

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