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CodeSMART G2 for Visual Studio: A product Review
by Phil Eakins | Published  05/06/2006 | Software Reviews | Rating:
Phil Eakins
Having followed a successful career in the legal profession for over 20 years, Phil saw the light when he bought his first home computer (an Oric) in 1982. Since then he has attained a Batchelors Degree in Computing and Maths from The Open University (and met his Wife at the same time)as well as attaining a CNE qualification. Phil has worked extensively in the fields of Network Engineering and in the teaching and training of IT subects to adults.  

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What is CodeSMART?

CodeSmart from AxTools is to the .NET programmer as the Swiss Army Knife is to a Boy Scout. There are more tools available in there than you can shake a stick at (although I haven't found the one to remove a stone from a horse's hoof yet!).


Having downloaded the 8.2MB installation file from, I selected my Visual Studio (VS) version (2003, although 2002 and 2005 are also supported. (NB this product is not available for Standard or Express Editions)) and followed the simple instructions. CodeSMART installed very quickly, smoothly and error free.

A copy of the licence and the activation key were supplied separately. Activation took a fraction of a second by running an executable file prepared (by the look of it) especially for my personal license. Evaluation software can be obtained from the AxTools site upon application.

An entry was made in my XP Pro Start Menu under the heading AxTools/CodeSMART G2, which contained two Icons for Internet access to the AxTools site, Home plus Technical Support pages, and a Startup Manager used to enable/disable CodeSMART from loading automatically whilst starting VS. Lastly there is access to online documentation and to a very useful diagnostics tool.

Installation does not make an entry in the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs list and no Uninstall option is provided elsewhere. I have not tried to uninstall the software and cannot comment upon how easy this is.

Personal and Team database (MDB) files enabling software control, amongst other things, were placed in my own 'My Documents' folder by default, although these can be moved to another folder, drive or server if required. As this review is of a single user licensed copy I cannot comment on the use of the Team facilities where they differ. 'Offline' MDBs come into use when there is no access to the others for whatever reason, there being a configurable auto-update function. Again, this was not tried.

All of the screenshots which follow were captured from my IDE as I worked and were not supplied by AxTools.
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