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SQL Delta : Product Review
by David Jeavons | Published  03/15/2006 | Product Showcase | Rating:
David Jeavons
I have been programming database applications for almost 12 years starting out with VB3 and using every major version since then. I currently work for a retailer analysis company writing ASP.NET code for our ever evolving web site. I also enjoy helping other programmers with Visual Basic and .NET and am a moderator at vbCity. 

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Pros and Cons

As with most software products there are usually elements that you really like and some that you don’t. What I really liked about SQL Delta was its ease of use. I found it to be a very intuitive piece of software and didn’t need to look into the help documentation at all although I can assure you it is there and is very well laid out.

Another neat little feature that I appreciated was that SQL Delta did actually crash on me once during my testing, but rather than crash and quit, it displayed an Application Problem window with the details of the problem and two further fields for me to fill out. One was my email address and the other was any comments I wished to make. I didn’t actually take the time to fill out the details but after pressing the close button on this window, SQL Delta was still up and running and did not appear to be affected by the problem. I simply refreshed the comparison and all was right with the world. If only other vendors took the time to ensure their software was as user centric as this.

SQL Delta also has a nice little tool known as “Update * Views”. When you create a view using the SQL syntax “Select * FROM …”, SQL Server stores an internal list of columns that are matched to the view. If you then change the structure of the table, the view is not subsequently updated which results in the view failing. SQL Delta will go through all of your views and update them accordingly so that the internal list is synchronised with your views.

My only gripe with the product was its user interface although this does not detract from the usefulness and intuitiveness of the product. Certain dialogues have the same functionality (such as select all/Deselect all objects) either placed at the top of the window or at the bottom rather than always being in the same general location.


If you find that you are often looking for differences between two databases (structure or data) then I would highly recommend SQL Delta. Not only is it fast, accurate and very easy to use, it is also very competitively priced.

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