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SQL Delta : Product Review
by David Jeavons | Published  03/15/2006 | Product Showcase | Rating:
Data Comparisons

Much like the Structure Comparison, you can have SQL Delta compare the data in your tables for any differences and missing records. To compare the data you simply press the Compare Data window and SQL Delta presents you with a list of all tables that are available for comparison, of course, if any tables are missing between the two databases then these tables will not be displayed in the list.

SQL Delta uses the primary key of the table for comparison but if your table does not have a primary key or you wish to use a different column or columns then you can define your own “Comparison key”. In fact, if your table does not have a primary key then you must specify your own for SQL Delta to perform the comparison. Once you have selected the tables you wish to compare, you have choices:either compare the data straight away or by pressing the Next button you can enter filter criteria for limiting the number of records that will be compared.This is done by entering a simple WHERE clause (although you do not need to specify the WHERE keyword, for example “YourFieldName=YourValue”).

Once you have selected the tables and entered any filters press the Compare button and SQL Delta will analyse each table. Much like the structure comparison, you will be presented with the tables in the top pane showing how many records are identical, different, missing or additional and selecting a table will show you a grid in the bottom pane with all of the data and each records status.



You can then look at only different, missing or additional records by selecting one of the appropriate tabs and even select which records should not be updated.

Again, much like the structure comparison you can choose what you want to do for each table. Update target or source database or even choose to export the differences to a CSV file (maybe for further analysis). Once you have decided on the various actions simply press the Update button for SQL Delta to then synchronise the two databases.


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