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SQL Delta : Product Review
by David Jeavons | Published  03/15/2006 | Product Showcase | Rating:
Setting Up

The first task you need to do when starting SQL Delta for the first time is to specify the connections for both the source and target databases. This is easily accomplished by selecting the Manual Connection tab on the start-up screen and entering the connection details for both databases.



    You also have the opportunity to specify the options for the comparison between the two databases at this point by selecting the Options button. You can always set these or fine tune them later from the Preferences option under the Options menu. There is a whole host of options available for ensuring that you get the type of comparison that you want, from simple “What do you want to compare” options (tables, stored procedures etc.) to more advanced options such as the ability to ignore comments within stored procedures, and whether or not data comparisons should be case sensitive.

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