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SQL Delta : Product Review
by David Jeavons | Published  03/15/2006 | Product Showcase | Rating:
David Jeavons
I have been programming database applications for almost 12 years starting out with VB3 and using every major version since then. I currently work for a retailer analysis company writing ASP.NET code for our ever evolving web site. I also enjoy helping other programmers with Visual Basic and .NET and am a moderator at vbCity. 

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SQL Delta is a SQL Server database comparison tool that allows you to analyse databases on the same server or on two different servers. Currently (version 3.1) SQL Delta supports both SQL Server 7 and 2000 databases and even allows you to compare an SQL Server 7 database against an SQL Server 2000 database and vice versa. Any functionality differences between the two versions will be ignored by SQL Delta. Support for SQL Server 2005 databases is currently being worked on.

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