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ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2006
by Ged Mead | Published  03/09/2006 | Product Showcase Software Reviews | Rating:
Components Not Reviewed

    I would have liked to have included reviews of many more of the components in detail, but time, tide and the next project wait for no man, so I’ve only been able to scratch the surface of the available range of the whole package.   However,  when I come to use some of the others in projects – as I am 100% certain that I will – I hope to be able to update the detailed review sections to include those.


   Particularly impressive in the various demos available from ComponentOne was the FlexGrid with its Cell Notes, Rich Text Formatting and Hierarchical Views, pleasingly presented using Skins.   In addition to the standard narrative forms of help, both the FlexGrid and TrueDBGrid feature in an online demonstration video which will give you some idea of the scope and features of these two components.   


   You can see excellent examples of combinations of many of the Studio Enterprise components in the freely downloadable Starter Kit:



   At the time of writing (early March 2006) the excellent Starter Kit is currently only available using the 2003 components set and comes with source code in C#.  


  This can be a bit of a problem if you want to analyse the details of the code used in the demonstration and your C# skills are a bit basic.   With free C# to VB translation web sites only the click of a browser button away, this again is not an insurmountable problem.


  The good news from ComponentOne is in response to many requests for the VB source, they plan to release it soon.    This will be part of the new VS2005 version of the Starter Kit (a MS Movie Starter Kit Extension) mentioned earlier. 


   I should also mention that all the other on line and PDF samples and demos currently available that I saw had both C# and VB sample code available already.


   Web, Classic VB and Mobile App Developers will probably have noticed a total absence of mention of the components in those areas.   In reality, I have only had time to review the Studio for .NET element of the total package.   I will try and cover some of the other Studios in updates to this article.   As you will see mentioned elsewhere, each of the sub-packages of Studios are available separately, in addition to the all-in-one Studio Enterprise edition

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