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Copying vs. Cloning
by Phil Eakins | Published  02/09/2006 | .NET Framework | Rating:
Phil Eakins
Having followed a successful career in the legal profession for over 20 years, Phil saw the light when he bought his first home computer (an Oric) in 1982. Since then he has attained a Batchelors Degree in Computing and Maths from The Open University (and met his Wife at the same time)as well as attaining a CNE qualification. Phil has worked extensively in the fields of Network Engineering and in the teaching and training of IT subects to adults.  

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Acknowlegements and Appendix


I could not have started upon this quest without having (frequently) to hand a copy of ‘Building Applications and Components with VB.NET’ by Pattison & Hummel published by Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-73495-8, from which Figure 1 is based and also from which I learned so much.  I should also mention Dr Hummel’s webcasts to be found on which are without equal (IMHO).

Secondly, ‘Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming in MS Visual Basic .NET’ by Richter & Balena published by Microsoft Press ISBN 0-7356-1787-2, particularly chapter 14.

Francesco Balena’s book ‘Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (2004) has already been mentioned.




















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