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PureComponents Component Review - Entry Set Providers
by Chris Manning | Published  01/30/2006 | Product Showcase | Rating:
Validation Extender - PureComponents Entry Set Providers

Now lets talk about the Validation Extender.
One of my least favorite things to have to worry about is client input validation.  In particular I hate monkeying around
with Regular Expressions and the Regex classes of the framework.  One main reason is that I don't really understand Regular Expressions that well.  However, with the PureComponents ValidationExtender, it was one of the easiest things I've done in a long time.

The ValidationExtender is packed with loads of customizable features and provides properties to a range of .NET native controls. It is virtually 100% customizable in appearance and mode.  My favorite feature to use was the Regex validation.  I may not be good at Regex, but I can search the web and find Regex statements with the best of 'em.  All I had to do was find the one I needed -  in this case an email validation string - plug it into the Regex string property, set my validation mode,  choose how I wanted invalid values to appear, and wham....validation!  The whole process including the web search took less that two minutes.

Some of the features of note are:
-Validator types: Comparable, Conditional, DataType, Length, RegEx, List, Range, and Required.
-Customizable display mode for error messages.
-Global default values.
-Very easy to use.

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