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Exception Handling in Enterprise Applications
by Scott Rutherford | Published  02/28/2005 | .NET Framework .NET Newbie | Rating:
Scott Rutherford
Scott Rutherford is a consultant and .NET developer who has developed Enterprise business applications in many fields including Restaurant, Market Research, Automotive, and Analytical Chemistry. He is an Microsoft Certified Professional with the .NET Platform. 

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Suggestion 8, References and Links

8. Use enterprise tools to identify and respond to program errors

There are several tools available for monitoring your Event Log remotely, so keeping tabs on multiple servers is not a problem. One such program with which I've had success is Quest Software's Big Brother. A small windows service runs on each server and monitors a multitude of factors including Event Log messages. Reporting of errors can trigger an email or simply update a dashboard display on a single Big Brother server.

Of course you can monitor Event Logs manually across the network using MMC, or programmatically with WMI as well.


.NET Framework Developer's Guide: Best Practices for Handling Exceptions

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 315965
HOW TO: Use Structured Exception Handling in Visual Basic .NET;en-us;Q315965&ID=kb;en-us;Q315965&SD=MSDN

.NET Framework Developer's Guide: Handling and Throwing Exceptions

Choosing When to Use Structured and Unstructured Exception Handling

Development Impacts of Security Changes in Windows Server 2003 (see Tighter ACLs on Event Logs)

Big Brother -

Monitoring in .NET Distributed Application Design

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